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Some tech giants are willing to shift Application Delivery model from One-Time Purchase to Subscription based model. As the companies stated that the One-Time Purchases is inexpensive for customers and on other side it costly for the companies to deliver services and R & D perspective.

Applicaton Delivery Model Shifting from One-Time Purchase to Subscriptions-based
Currently many millions of apps are available for free, then lot of apps are provided with one-time purchase and in return grant unlimited access and services to the end-users. Subscription-based apps are one step higher because apps subscription is based on monthly or annual charges.
As we know that each app goes through with three phases:
1. Development
2. Delivery
3. Maintenance
If the app followed One-Time purchase model, and let’s suppose it cost you $1-2 approximately. Each app after delivery continouse follow the maintenance phase. Definitely with the passage of time, every apps introduces new features and enhanced functionalities in it to retain the interests of its customers. But all these additional features and functionalites are without cost.
Companies said Research and Development and other offered services costly for the companies that’s why some companies wanted to shift application delivery model to Subscription based.

How to Subscription-based Model effectively implement?
Subscription-based model as paid by customers on monthy or annual basis. This model generated maximun revenue for the companies and in return customer expects refined service, support, quality and value. Owner ought to be provide consistent value add that might in the form of timely updates, unique services that are not provided by any other competitive services.
Subscription-based model should be highly responsive, well performing and exceptionally functioning. As no software is free of bugs, anytime bugs encountered in the apps in this scenario developer response should be fast to minimize the end-user disruption.
In any unwelcomed circumstances developer must be prepare deliver a quick response in case of any user disruptions. In this case a quick reply should be given by developer to ensure the competitiveness of the app. If the app failed to deliver then competitive pricing forced the customers to leave the app.
In case of app failure Robust analysis should be taken and innovative solution should be provided on urgent basis to provide relief from disruptions.
In one side subscription-based model in crease the marked share for the owners but on other side it forced the developers to provide innovative solutions and development of new features.

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