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Movingtrend – Saturdy July 28, 2018

WhatsApp is rolled out ‘Suspicious Lind Detection’ feature for all the android beta devices, now android devices are eligible to use the suspicious link tag; the iOS devices and windows phone will get this update later.
Suspicious Link Feature rolling out on Beta version 2.18.221.

WhatsApp continuously in effort to fight spoofing, spam and phishing on its platform. It had begun testing the Suspicious Link Detection feature in Android Beta version 2.18.221. The testing was limited to small number of user; now finally the feature has been rolled out for the Android Beta version.

As per WABetaInfo, WhatsApp Beta on Android 2.18.221 has the competency to tag ‘Suspicious Link’ whenvere any contact sends to you. This feature will let you warn unknowing users of a suspicious link before opening it. WhatsApp will apparently tell you if the link is suspicious; two options are available Open Link and Go Back to users. Even if the user tries to open the link, a pop-up window will open and informed the user that the link has been flagged as Suspicious. Suspicious character is highlighted in the dialogue box.

Information provided in FAQ page, WhatsApp says: ”This indicator may appear when a link contains a combination of characters that is considered unusual. Spammers may use these character combinations to trick you into tapping on links that appear to go to a legitimate website, but actually take you to a malicious site.”

This feature will not tackle the fake news that is the big probleme found in WhatsApp. There are lot of websites that are spreading conspiracies theories or fake news and even don’t have any special characters in URL.

The Suspicious Link Detection feature is only available on WhatsApp beta version. In order to activate this feature, android users will have to update their WhatsApp beta app to version 2.18.122 or later. The feature for the Windows and iOS devices will be released afterwards.

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