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Movingtrend – Sunday July 1, 2018

SKK50 Modder creates a mode for the Fallout 4-76. It is created to get a taste of what this game has to offer its players with Fallout-76 for Fallout 4.
The Fallout 4-76 mode turns the Fallout game into Griefer’s Multiplayer Paradise.
The Fallout 4-76, the mode created by SKK50; this mode includes the technicalities of Fallout 76 into Fallout 4. By this mode user can experience the Fallout 76 in the setting of Fallout 4. This mode will hide non-playable Characters (NPCs), spawn random human grievers, and let NPCs to launch nukes at you.

The Fallout 4-76 mode’s default setting would let you run from Vault 111 to Diamond City in under 10 minutes in real time “minutes without meeting another human, taking a nuke strike and griefing on the way,” it is revealed by SKK50 Modder.

According to the SKK50, Diamond City removes 52 out of 65 non-playable Characters; to provide the multiplayer experience, the Fallout 4-76 mode includes the human characters that follow you around and taunts at you whereas other are tried to take you out. According to the description on Nexus mode, ” Kill them all and more will turn up in time, like roaches on bad meat. If you run far enough away, that group will get bored and leave you alone ... for a while. From V004 a player to griefer level matching system (N00b, Scrub, L33t) is introduced to allow the Fallout 4-76 experience to start at Vault 111 exit with a fresh player.”

The mode is available for Fallout 4 on PC (through Nexus Mode and and Xbox One. It is not available on PS4 version of Fallout 4 due to Sony Scripted content restrictions. Fallout 76 is not coming for the Steam, it has been mentioned on the Fallout 76 FAQ official website, that the Fallout 76 PC Beta will come via rather than Steam.

According to the Fallout 76 FAQ, ” The beta will be available on Xbox One, PS4, and on PC (via Stay tuned for exact timing for each platform here and Fallout on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Please note that the beta for Xbox One will begin first, followed by other platforms.”

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