Project Andromeda: Microsoft Files Patent for Three-way Video Calling on Foldable Device - Movingtrend

Movingtrend – Tuesday July 31, 2018

As the Microsoft’s foldable project Andromeda has already become the victim of internal uncertainty. Now, Microsoft files patent for the three-way video calling on its foldable device.
Project Andromeda has been delayed.

Microsoft has moved forwared and patented technology that will allow “three-way video calling on hinged multi-screen device.” According to the diagram displayed in the filed patent, user is eligible to broadcast two streams from this single Microsoft device during a video call.

The patent was issued on July 3. This foldable mobile computing device will include processor, an accelerometer and housing consist of two parts; and both the parts consists of display and camera module each. Accoring to the diagram, device will be able to concurrently stream from both cameras. One will be the front facing setup and other directed towards the rear of the device. It is abstract section of the patent numbered US10015442.

Giving the camera an orientation will address the issues of fitting in more participant in the video call; it states ”Conventionally, it may be difficult for users in the same physical space to be part of a video call when they are not in proximity to one another, especially when there are three or more participants.”

In last year November, Apple had patented a similar design for the foldable iPhone variant. Samsung has also been known to patent foldable device designs. The final product is yet to be seen by the Samsung. Apple will start producing foldable iPhone later 2020.

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