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Movingtrend – Tuesday July 03, 2018

The ‘Pocketable Surface Device’ has appeared multiple times in patents. It is in rumors that Microsoft will launch this device this year, some internal leaked document suggested that it may feature dual-screen display.
Microsoft eagers to create Dual-Screen device category.
Microsoft has been working on Dual-Screen Pocketable Surface device for many years. Codename: Androdmeda, it is a Microsoft’s project for the development of the surface devices, that will release in 2018. Some internal leaked document highlighted that surface device will plan to release in this year.

Last week, the Verge reported that the Microsoft is experimenting with “New and Disruptive” category to influence the overall Surface roadmap and blur the lines between a personal computer and a mobile. Leaked documents reveal that Surface device carry both hardware and software with innovative prototypes that will build complete new versatile computing experience.

Microsoft is also testing with Stylus input for the Project name Andromeda, it folded like book and pen is used to capture digital ink. According to the report, ” Prototype devices include styluses and notepad-like apps to capture notes. Microsoft is also experimenting with Advanced RISC Machines (ARM) processors inside prototype 'Andromeda' devices, but it's not clear if the company will proceed with Intel or Qualcomm for a final device.”

Back in 2012, Microsoft had launched its Surface lineup of 2-in-1 tablets and first laptop of the series in last year. The idea of Surface Phone, is continuously in rumors, sometime with the saying it is possible with nod gesture and sometime with No gesture.

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