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Movingtrend – Wednesday July 11, 2018

We all remember the name of some Intelligent animals who predicted the results of big events of the World like Paul the Octopus, Camel Shaheen, Rabiot another Octopus, Squid and now Parrot Pir from Pakistan.
PTCL Parrot Pir From Pakistan Correctly Predicted FIFA Result So Far.

In the World of Outstanding people, some far-sighted or wiser animal have been living. They can’t participate in big events, they even can’t enjoy to watch these events. But they 100 % correctly predicted the results of big events which are organized by the human. (Never Mind – Its Fact)!!!

We all remember the World- famous Paul the Octopus who predicted the results of FIFA World Cup 2010, didn’t we? Then there is big creature camel named Shaheen, successful predicted the results of fixtures this year. Then there is another Octopus called Rabiot from Japan has 100% record of predicted the results of the big events.

All these creatures have taken the headlines, but there is sad new Japan Octopus Squid is no more. So, the question is who will take over after that? FIFA World Cup Semi-Final almost here. Sad who will take the responsibility of Prediction now???

But thanks to Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL), came forward with the Parrot Pir and we don’t have to worry anymore. Parrot Pir will do for us what the octopus had done.

PTCL went through so many cities and streets across the country for the search of this outstanding, talented and clairvoyant Parrot Pir. Parrot Pir got famous from PSL-3, almost making 80% right predictions.

So far, Parrot Pir’s prediction in FIFA World Cup is 100 correct. It’s very exciting what happens in upcoming games, and what will be the prediction of Parrot Pir.


Win Big PTCL
With FIFA passion at its peak and only four games of the grand event left, PTCL brings you the chance to win an original Adidas Telstar 18 – the official FIFA World Cup match ball which has been manufactured in Pakistan. All you have to do is follow the Parrot Pir’s predictions and test your own hunches before the games.

So what are you waiting for? Predict the upcoming games’ results and get your hands on the world famous Telstar 18!

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