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Movingtrend – Tuesday July 10, 2018

Facebook owned-company WhatsApp has become the biggest communication app. It has almost 1.5 billion monthly active users across the World.
Blue Ticks or Read Receipts Sometime Looks unwanted.

Fast communication has become the necessity of time. And WhatsApp is one of the best app to communicate with your friends and family. But with the communication benefit, your privacy takes away. One of them is the Blue Tick, it is an unwanted feature. It let the other knows that you have read the message, even you don’t like them to know. How to Disable Blue Tick on WhatsApp:
Some WhatsApp users think that Blue Tick threaten their privacy. Even sometimes, we were not in a mood to talk or even to answer. Due to the Blue Tick feature, sender ultimately knows that you have read the message, but you are avoiding to answer. To avoid such embarrassment, you had to reply.

So, there is one option for you and me as well to disable Blue Tick Feature. Here are few steps to follow to Disable the Blue Ticks on WhatsApp.
1. Go to Your WhatsApp Account Settings > Click on three vertical dots.
2. then, Select Account option
3. then, tap Privacy
4. then, uncheck the Read Receipts Box
Now, you have Disable the Blue Ticks on WhatsApp. On other side, you are not able to see the blue ticks of others. It is biggest disadvantage this feature.

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Please Keep in your mind, in group chats users are not able to disable read receipts and for voice chats as well.

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