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Movingtrend – Monday July 02, 2018

Right or wrong! Best or bad! Hope or despair! Instigation or discouragement! Black or White! Start or End! It’s a talk about Pigeon and Crow.
A talk of discrimination! No Racism, Possibly Pigeon vs Crow
Once upon a time in a Jungle there was crow, he was thirsty; Do you know? He was. He flew here and there for the search of water, but he could not find. Bad Luck! But suddenly Good luck hit him hardly. (Never mind)

And said: Hello I’m here. With the hit of Good-luck he finds a water pot in Jungle. He sat at the top of water pot and try to drink water to vanish his thirst. But you know, this time bad-luck hit him. Because the pot contains little water in it and his beak could not reach the water level. (Bad Luck)

He was thirsty. You know! But with the jerk of this bad luck he became Scientist. And he took a matchstick and insert into his mouth and started to think like a Hero, Oh Bravo!!!And You Know! An idea struck into his mind. That was if I put pebbles into the pot of water, then the water level of the pot increased, when the water level increased, then definitely his beak reached the water and he vanished his thirst.

He started to perform his idea, picked up pebble in his beak and dropped into the water pot. After each dropped pebble water level increased, he dropped, dropped, dropped till water level reached to the top. He drank water and flew away. And left a moral for us. Where there is a will, there is way.

Instantly this story created chaos among the pigeons. They announced a conference to discuss the issue how the crow became intelligent, from where he got this golden idea and enjoyed the status of Wise crow across the World. There are no such stories lie with the pigeon. Why?????????

Group of Pigeon began to count their qualities like they were used as Spy for the enemy, as a messenger for beloved ones, as a horseman in movies. They questioned then why don’t we have become scientist???? Why this status was only for crows???

Very excited speaker of this pigeon conference said: I have some questions. That should be answered.
1. If the Crow was thirsty, then why didn’t he searched for stream or river of Jungle to vanish his thirst. And if there was no river or stream in the Jungle, then why didn’t he die of thirst.
2. Second question who did keep the pot in Jungle? Let’s suppose if someone forgot the pot in Jungle. Then, why was the water level low, and he could not drink it until he proved himself a Scientist.
3. And let’s suppose idea came into his mind, it’s okay. But why not the pebbles were missing there. Why they were available on the spot, to let him practice his scientific idea. And proved him wise enough!!
4. And finally, Low water level in pot, instigated him to became a Scientist on urgent basis (opps!!! What a climax?). A very thrilled pigeon spoke all about the wise crow, and finally passed a comment against the crows it was a propaganda against all white, good-looking pigeons. Pigeon agitatedly said: these ugly, black crows were not good and they don’t have a right to become a scientist at all.

Black People don’t have right to cross their limits and white people don’t have limits. You Know… Poor don’t have right to speak and Rich speak whatever they like. You Know… I know! Up to you, Your knowing

When will this dissection process end about the black and poor people and when this biased thinking end in this so called modern World???

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