Pocket Casts Opens Up Android Beta to Public, Following the debut of Google Podcast – Movingtrend

Movingtrend – Saturday June 23, 2018

Recently Google has debuted its own Podcasts app, in a while Google opens up the Pocket Casts to public.
Pocket Casts was available in closed beta version, Now open to public.
As we know, Pocket Casts is one of the popular apps for the listening of Podcasts. Few days ago, Google has debuted its own Podcasts app; and on Thursday company has announced to open up the Pocket casts to public. Previously the Pocket casts was available in closed private beta on android. But it is available publicly with public beta version 6.4.14.

Now, the users can enjoy the latest feature of the apps with out waiting for the stable app to make available. For the Pocket Casts Google is now offering public beta version for Mac and Windows 10 apps.

How to install Public version of Pocket Casts:
To Opt-In:
1. Browse the link.
2. Click on the Button ‘BECOME A TESTER’
3. Then, Simply Install the Pocket Casts app from Google Play
To Opt-Out:
4. just uninstall the beta app
5. Wait for few hours and install the Pubic version of Pocket Casts

This development by the Google after the launch of Podcasts, both events look coincidence but It might be to enhance the mobile competition on Google’s own mobile app store. According to the Company tweet.

Almost a week, Google has launched its standalone Podcasts app on Android. This app uses Google’s Recommendation Algorithm to recommend the podcasts according to the listening history of the users. Last April Google had introduced the update to Google Search that permit the users to listen and subscribe to podcasts without the installing of the separate app.

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