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Movingtrend – Tuesday June 26, 2018

WhatsApp has become the most popular messenger for sending text, audio, video and photos to your friends and family. Today I’m going to tell you that how would you use it for privately played audio messages without using headphones.
WhatsApp interesting Fact!!!
As we know that WhatsApp has become the most popular free messaging platform across the World to send audio, video and text messages. And definitely being a WhatsApp user, you are familiar with its audio message feature. Unfortunately, if you don’t have headphones, and your friend send you an audio message, and your device blasts audio messages you play out of your speaker, definitely everyone around you to hear.

WhatsApp don’t give a choice to play the audio messages by phone calls mode or by speakers. But there is trick to play your audio message in phone calls mode, which make you comfortable to listen your audio message more privately.

How to:
When you received an audio message, tap on message normally, as soon as it starts, carry your phone up to your ear – immediately. The WhatsApp will detect your head that is against your device, and then message will be played in phone calls mode. This is way you can hear your audio messages privately without using headphones. And save yourself from any type of embarrassment!!!! Try it. It’s a trick only.

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