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Movingtrend – Saturday May 12, 2018

Recently Vulnerabilities have found in the companies named Apple, Amazone and Google’s voice assistant apps. A group of researches claimed that companies are busy in making the Voice Assistant Apps smarter but the new launches of the Voice Assistants are vulnerable to the malicious voice commands.
Alexa, Siri and Google Assistants are exposed to the hidden malicious voice cammands.
As the smartphone Al feature is growing, each company is tried to make the voice assistant apps smarter and smarter, and want to see its voice assistant apps more friendly, accurate and perfectly answered to its users.

Its About Digital Security Problem:
Recently a group of researchers from China and US have disclosed the research based on the testing of the hidden commands that are undetectable to the human ear can be sent to Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri. According to the report of the NY Times, these malicious hidden commands are able to activate the Artificial Intelligence System on smartphones, and permit the attackers to dial phone numbers and opened the websites without knowing its users.

Research of 2016:
According to the research of the student team from the California, Berkeley and Georgetown University revealed that they could hide the command in white noise played over loudspeaker and on some YouTube videos, and these voice commands could turn on the airplane mode or open websites maintaining the unauthorized access to the smartphones. But, now the researchers from the Berkeley claimed that these hidden commands can be fixed into music tracks or spoken texts. UC Berkeley fifth-year computer security Ph.D student Nicholas Carlini said, “We wanted to see if we could make it even more stealthy.”

Attacker can get benefit from this security leverage, and use voice enabled smart-devices like Amazon Echo, Apple Homepad or Google Home Speakers, hide the voice commands within music and spoken text recordings.

Research Demo:
Researches also revealed that they have made small changes to the original audio file to counterbalance the sound that the speech recognition system sense and changed it with the sound that is recorded clearly by the machine. This technique makes the smartphones to hear commands that are undetectable to the human ear. The researches hid the command,
” OK Google, browse the”
it is recorded in a spoken phrase
”Without the data set, the article is useless”.
Researches used the loophole to insert this command into four second clip from Verdi’s Requiem in music files. China’s academy of Science and other institutions researches have revealed that how they could control voice-activated devices with commands inserted in songs.

A researcher at Georgetown, Tavish Vaidya wrote on paper of audio attacks, told NY Times, ”Companies have to ensure user-friendliness of their devices, because that’s their major selling point.” Discussed voice assistants companies are yet to produce a fix for the issue, that will effect big number of smartphones users.

Till now, hackers did not exploit this technique in real world. But they have digital assistants unlock doors of smartphones like transfer money through banking apps and do buy items from online retailers all without making aware to the user.

About White Noise:
White noise is a random signal having equal intensity at different frequencies giving it constant power spectral density. White noise has equal distribution of energy and its frequency spectrum is flat like fan noise is approximately a white noise.

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