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Movingtrend – Saturday February 10, 2018

UniCode Consortium has introduced Emoji 11.0 data with the addition of 157 new Emoji characters. The fresh emoji list which is considered as ‘fixed and final’ consists of man and woman emoji in various hairstyles.
Unicode Consortium reveals 157 new Emojis 11.0
Unicode consortium has recently published the Emoji 11.0 data, this fresh list of Emoji is taken as ‘Fixed and Final’. Man and Woman emoji has introduced in various hairstyles such as red-haired, curly-haired, white-haired and bald. Latest list of Emoji also contains new superhero and supervillain characters in various skin tones. All the newly emoji will be available on handsets and other devices someday in August and September.

Emoji as Sample
This new emojis are available as sample characters, it shows that vendor will develop their own sets of Emojis. This Emoji sample will principally help the Tech giant like Apple, Google, and Microsoft to manufactured emoji characters of their own requirements, and compatible with their software. Previously Unicode Consortium has released the 5.0 version of the Emoji and now took a huge jump and releases the version 11.0 instead of 6.0 version.

It is an online Encyclopedia for emojis has made a video to provide a look of all the new emojist that are coming sometime in this Year. This video revealed many faces like partying face, pledging face, woozy face, smiling with 3 hearts, hot face, and cold face. It also include the science-oriented emoji like test tube, petri dish, and DNA. This fresh list of emoji also contains the emoji of the living being like microbe, mosquito, parrot, peacock, badger, raccoon, swan, kangaroo, and lobster etc.

Android and iOS running devices will receive the emojis sometime in coming months, and particularly apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are probably to include the new Emoji characters.

Since last year, Emoji has become the part of the hotnews, as in lighter moment the placement of the Cheese in Burger, middle finger as obscene gesture. So, there is much more is waiting for you in the World of Emojis, express your emotion or feelings by using the list 2,823 emojis

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