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Movingtrend – Sunday February 4, 2018

Bold enough, Escaper, Victim of Taboos, Symbol of Women miseries, Fighter, Seeker of True Love, Breadwinner, insecure thinker, Versatile, Greedy, cosmetic for Social media, Lipstick for the Women Empowerment, reality or imagination, who she is?
Who is Qandeel Balooch?
I’m bold enough. I find. I’m bold enough. I think openly, speaks loudly, dances generously, singing confidently. I know. I’m bold enough. So, I admit that I am Qandeel Balooch. No, NNNNNNNOOO, I interrupt you!

I’m very brilliant escaper. I find that I escape all limitations set by the surrounding simply by Family or society plus with the instincts of the boldness. All social values could do suicide in front of me. My existence is more powerful than just boldness. So, I admit that I am Qandeel Baloch. No, Nnnnnnnoooo, I interrupt you!

It’s very painful for me to tell you. I’m victim of Taboos. I find. I’m too like others who just be murdered for the cause of family’s taboo or social norms. Being a famous act I’ve been repeated lot of time in Past, Present and definitely in Future. One thing to mention here, I’m specifically lie with women. So, I admit that I am Qandeel Baloch. No, Nnnnnnnooooooo, I interrupt you!

I’m called symbol of Women Miseries. I find. I cheat by the common men, I spoil by the simple act. It’s not blame. Sorry, I have encountered such ruthless entertainment on the behalf of the Women weakness. I spoil absolutely. So, I admit that I am Qandeel Baloch. No , NNNNNOOOO, I interrupt you!

I’m fighter. I find. I never left any stone unturned to fight against society, to fight against poverty, to fight against injustice. I paid the cost of fight. And I bore damage. So, I admit that I am Qandeel Baloch. No, Nnnnnooooo, I interrupt you!

I’m fascinated enough and run to seek the true love. I find. I deceive in love. I have seen in most casese, love embraces greediness in its charm. Innocent like me, have become the spam of pornographic material. Oh so cute I’m, because I’m the seeker of sweetness. So, I admit that I am Qandeel Baloch. No, Nnnnnooooo, I interrupt you!

I’m the sole thinker to get rid of poverty and wanted to change the social status of mine and my family. I find I’m breadwinner. I tried attempts after attempts in right direction but fail. I stop clockwise and started to move counter-clockwise. I gained, I changed, but one thing to mention I pained. So, I admit that I am Qandeel Baloch. No, Nnnnoooo I interrupt you!

I think, as I like. I pretend as other like. I find I am insecure thinker. I thought I could change anything by doing hardwork. It is Okay. Do hardwork, but you know? I’m not freely choose the work, I have to do what other have chosen for me. I do lot of work. So, I admit that I am Qandeel Baloch. No, Nnnnnooooo, I interrupt you!

I made in myself, good dancer, amazing singer, perfect actor. All vacuum are for me, No full stop will stop me. I find I am Versatile. So, I admit that I’m Qandeel Baloch. No, Nnnnoooo, I interrupt you!

I don’t care. I find I am Greedy. I left all doors after knock, I’ve no patience. I choose the choice of other, I just walk on the road of other. Sometime I forgot this track is not mine, but I’ve to walk, and I’ve to proceed. So, I admit that I’m Qandeel Baloch. No, Nnnoooo, I interrupt you!

I lost then I Get lost. Now, I’ve become discussion. I find I have become the Cosmetic for the social media and have become the Red Lipstick for the Women empowerment. I have become what I had not even seen in my imagination. Right or Wrong – Good or Bad – Reality or Fascination. Up to You!!!! I’m still seeker. Just a Seeker!!!
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