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Movingtrend – Thursday February 8, 2018

All Android smartphones will begin obtaining support for Augmented Reality Stickers via Google Motion Still App. Google’s Motion Still App is getting updated and users now will allow to add AR Stickers into videos.
AR Stickers are available to all Android Smartphones.
Google has made available AR Stickers to all Android smartphones via updated Motion Still App. Right now, the Smartphones running Android 5.1 or advanced version can download the Updated Motion Still App which is presently available for download via the Google Play Store, and users can enjoy the feature of AR Stickers on their devices. AR Stickers are available on Google Pixels smartphones via Camera App.

About Motion Still App:
The Motion Stills App is firstly introduced by Google in June 2016 for the users of iOS. This time Motion Still App includes the features of Live Photo into Stabilized GIFs and looping videos. And Goolge did not launch this app for android smartphones. For the time being, when Google introduced this app on Google Pixel 2, users could get the opportunity to insert AR version of characters from popular movies or TV Shows into pictures or videos.

In a blog post Google Engineers Jianing Wei and Tyler Mullen stated, ”AR mode is powered by instant motion tracking, a six degree of freedom tracking system built upon the technology that powers Motion Text in Motion Stills iOS and the privacy blur on YouTube to accurately track static and moving objects.”

How to Add 3D Objects:
1. Download the Motion Still App from the Google Play Store
2. Make sure the Downloaded version of Motion Still App is updated
3. Open the App in Primary Interface, and users will find ‘AR Mode’ on the left
4. Tap the option ’AR Mode’, it will open the 3D Characters like dinosaur, gingerbread, alien, robot, chicken, and planet)
5. Then select a surface to place the object
6. Users can only user one character at a time
7. Set a character for the Scene, User need to tap on the ‘Shutter button’ and start recording
8. And Tap the ’Shutter Button’ again to save the video.
9. User can edit the captured footage and share it as a clip or video.
10. Tap gallery box below the video and select the video footage, user wish to edit

Google Explains:
Users need to touch the viewfinder to place the 3D object on static or moving surface and let them to relate with the a Dynamic real-world environment. Google is getting the benefit from the sensors of Gyroscopes and Accelerometers in a smartphone. And Users can record and share the clips as GIF images and in the form of videos.

Source - gadgets360

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