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Movingtrend- Sunday December 31, 2017

I’m arrogant enough, I’m beaut enough, I’m distant enough…
I’m nowhere as I’m everywhere

I’m called Sun on Earth and I’m arrogant enough, I shine with strong Gold Light nobody could dare to see me as the wish unaccomplished. Proudy Candidate of Earth. America!!!!!

I’m called Moon on Earth and I’m beaut enough, I shine with dim white-light everyone can see me as the wish accomplished. Struggling Empowered candidate on Earth, Women!!!

I’m called Star on Earth and I’m distant enough, i shine with twinkling light, everyone admire my highness but no one heard the voice of my fall and conversion into ashes. Wish Candidate of Earth, Independence of Kashmir!!!

I’m called Day on Earth, I’m neat enough, to tell you the all stories of hidden reality. Wise Candidate of Earth, Middle Class!!!

I’m called Night on Earth, I’m dark enough, to hide the stories till the rays out. Well Organized Candidate of Earth, UNO!!!

I’m called Luck on Earth, I’m happy enough, to show risks and returns advantages. Exploring candidate of Earth, China!!!

I’m called fighter on Earth, I’m consistent enough, do more. I’m Palestine of Earth!!!

I’m called Wish on Earth, I’m fried fish, not for everyone. North Korea!!!

I’m called Hope on Earth, I’m extention, limitless. Knowledge on Earth!!!

I’m called Destination on Earth, I’m piles of hope, with some bricks of failures, and then destined Destiny. I’m choicy candidate of Earth, Hardwork!!!

I’m called Misery on Earth, I’m unaccountable, my ability is unchecked, I existed in all forms. Africa on Earth!!!

I’m called Richness on Earth, I’m not enough rich now, you know I’m limited. Europe of Earth!!!!

I’m called Pain, I’m rich enough, you find me anywhere and in all forms. Prosper Candidate of Earth!!!

I’m called Love, I’m pure enough, I have instincts everywhere, but I think nowhere. Hoping Candidate of Earth!!!

I’m called Religion, I’m cold enough, as Globalization labeling me. I’m Lost, Please try to discover me!!! I lost!!!

I’m end, I’m blend. I’m Globalization.

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