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Movingtrend – Saturday January 06, 2017

Carbon emission was harming the Ozone Layer of Earth, is still damaging for the layer, Earth Climate has been changing since the industrial revolution: Echos in News. I admit that, no nothing like happen at all, nothing has been changed. Some are accepting the Climate change some are denying it.
Ozone Layer is the Safer Layer in Atmosphere

According to the study and research, the hole has been created in Ozone layer by chlorofluorocarbons. This hole has begun to fill in, Great News!. In 1989 the awareness regarding the depletion of Ozone Layer has been started and decisions have been taken to decrease the use of ChlororFluoroCarbon (CFCs). The Montreal Protocol is the matchless effort for the Protection of the Earth.

About Montreal Protocol:
The emission of the CFCs was damaging the Earth Ozone layer, it was verified during 1970s and 80s. CFC is the forcing factor that reacted with Oxygen in Stratosphere which resulted in breakdown of Ozone layer.

About Ozone Layer:
Ozone the Protection Layer in the earth’s Stratosphere containing a high concentration of Ozone, which absorbs the Ultraviolet rays reaching the Earth from the sun. Ultraviolet rays damages DNA and causes Cancer.

Ozone free level is formed at the Antarctic, it is the deadly situation for the Earth Environment. Wind is the carrier to take the pollutants towards the Antarctic and from that these pollutants reach to Stratosphere. This serious situation has proved enough to awake the nations to take actions against the depletion of the Ozone Layer.

It is not only the CFCs that react with the Ozone Layer, but there are some other gases playing its role in destruction of Ozone, verify and limit use of these gases on Earth.

Recent analysis of the Chemical composition of atmosphere, upon analysis NASA verified that the level of the Chlorine is declining slowly. This reveals that the Human are sending lesser amount of CFCs to the atmosphere. Overall drop of 20% is sighted in Ozone destruction.

The study sum up: ” All of this is evidence that the Montreal Protocol is working—the chlorine is decreasing in the Antarctic stratosphere, and the ozone destruction is decreasing along with it.”

It is not the end of the Ozone depletion, but a lot more to do for the absolute recovery of the Ozone Layer. It would take years for the full recovery of the Ozone Layer. As we know that the molecules of the Ozone multiply very slowly. But study reveals that more or less Montreal Protocol is working. Hope never lost!!!!!!!!!!!

Source – ARS Technica

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