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Movingtrend – Saturday January 06, 2018

Mozilla has rolled out the Firefox v57.0.4 version to fix the recent security flaws like Meltdown, and Spectre attacks. This version is available for the desktop platforms Windows, macOS, and Linux.
IT fixes security flaws Meltdown, and Spectre Attack

This update is come with the highlights of security fixes for Meltdown and Spectre attacks. Last Thursday Mozilla announced the rollout of version Firefox v57.0.4. Mozilla made the availability of the version 57.0.4 of its browse on desktop platforms like Windows, Microsoft, and Linux not together with Android.

Security Flaws:
Security Flaws like Meltdown and Spectre attacks have been found in AMD, Intel, and ARM CPU. These flaws have placed most of the computers and mobiles at risk. Spectre attacks affect all the devices equally. But the Meltdown flaw is confined to Intel CPUs only. Meltdown flaw allow the hackers to dodged the hardware security wall to read the sensitive information of the users like Password etc.

Google Stance:
Google stated that it had instructed the companies about the ’Spectre’ bug in June and the ’Meltdown’ bug in early July last year. On other hand Google has introduced the security updates to tackle these attacks, using this update browsers protect from attacks through JavaScript.

Mozilla, version of Firefox v57.0.4 has deactivate the SharedArrayBuffer feature to restrict the Meltdown attacks.

Apple Announcement:
These security flaws had been affected the Mac and iOS devices, it is announced by the Apple. For the resolution of Spectre attacks for Safari will be issued in coming days.
Mozilla said in a blog post regarding the security flaws: ”In the longer term, we have started experimenting with techniques to remove the information leak closer to the source, instead of just hiding the leak by disabling timers.”

About Meltdown and Spectre Security Flaw:
According to the New York Times, two security flaws Meltdown and Spectre by researchers allow processor to steal passwords and other sensitive users information from almost any device made in the last 20 years. Security researchers and Jann Horn at Google discovered the flaws.

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