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Sri Lanka fail to get certain entry in 2019 World Cup - Movingtrend

Dawn - Saturday September 2, 2017

The 1996 World Cup Champions Sri-Lanka has failed to get a certain qualification for World Cup of 2019. Recently Sri Lanka has lost the consecutive four One Day Internationals against India.

The Sri -Lanka team had required to win the two games of One Day Internationals against India to confirm the participation in 2019 Cricket World Cup, the International Cricket Council said after the result of the 4rth match against India.

Now, Sri Lanka is dependent on the ODIs performance of the West Indies one match is against Ireland and five matches against England. Performance of the West Indies team will decide the fate of the Sri Lanka.

West Indies at least lose one ODI out of Six ODIs for Sri Lanka to keep away from entering qualifying round of the World Cup. There is edge for the West Indies if the Sri-Lanka will lose the series against India 5-0. West Indies will lead Sri Lanka by defeating Ireland and winning the series by 4-1 against England.

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