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Dawn - Saturday September 2, 2017

The National Accountability Bureau's combined Investigation Team proposed the NAB Chairman Qamar Zaman Chaudhry to freez the all assets of the Sharif Family named: Hassan, Husain and Maryam Nawaz, Son-in-law retired Captain Safdar and relative Ishaq Dar the Finanace Minister, including Mr. Sharif the Former Premier of Pakistan.

NAB official told Dawn on Friday, "Both the Lahore and Rawalpindi CITs of the bureau have submitted their recommendations in this regard to the chairman who is authorized either to include or reject this recommendation (freezing of assets) in the references against the Sharif family members."

The Chairman of the NAB Chaudhry Qamar Zaman will lead the meeting of the executive boards in Islamabad and to give the permission of filing the four references against the Sharif family.

The Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz says the premier and his children will come back to Pakistan and cope with the case challenges. The ruling PML-N said the fate of the cases which is reopened against Sharif Family had previously been concluded by the Courts and nil verified against the Ex-PM of Pakistan. Muhammad Mehdi the Leader of PML-N told to Dawn about the comeback of former premier, "Mian Sahib never evaded accountability in the past and he will not do so in this case too. He will soon return to the country to face the NAB references."

Mr. Mehdi said the Sharif had been set free from all the cases which are investigated by the National Accountability Bureau, "Even the NAB chairman had told the Supreme Court that nothing had been established against Mr. Sharif and his family members in these cases and there was no point in reopening them."

Currently the former premier Nawaz Sharif and his sons are in London to visit the Kulsoom Nawaz who went through a successful surgery of throat cancer.

The Joint Investigation Team(JIT) head, Wajid ZIa has recorded his statements about the investigations of the off-shore companies before the Lahore and Rawalpindi Combined Investigative Teams.

The four references will be filed against the Sharif Family are related to the Avenfield Properties (London), Azizia Steel Mills, Hill Metal Company, Flagship Invest­ments, Hartstone Properties, Que Holdings, Quint Eaton Place 2, Quint Saloane, Quaint, Flagship Securities, Quint Gloucester Place, Quint Paddington, Flagship Developments, Alanna Services (BVI), Lankin SA (BVI), Chadron, Ansbacher, Coomber and Capital FZE, Dubai.

The Joint Investigation Teams said about the investment of the 5.5m British Pounds by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar of Baraq holding in UAE. The sources of income are not known for this investment.

The daughter of the former premier Maryam Nawaz was also the beneficiary owner of the Avenfield Properties and Nescoll & Nielsen offshore companies. She is also accused of submitting bogus document to the Joint Investigation Team(JIT).


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