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Al-Shabab Militant Group Africia - Friday August 5, 2017

US military killed the high-level commander of the AL-Shabab militant group in an airstrike over Somalia. It is confirmed by the United States military on Friday. Al-Shabab is the deadliest militant group of the Africa.

Ali Muhammad Hussain, also known as Ali Jabal was killed on July 30 in an airstrike by the US Millitary. He was the main leading commander of the Al-Shabab militant group who was killed in this year. Earlier this year United States President Donald Trump approved the extension of the military operation against the AL-Quaida link Al-Shabab.

A US Africa statement said: “ Ali Jabal was responsible for leading Al Shabab forces operating in the Mogadishu and Banadiir regions in planning and executing attacks against the capital of Mogadishu.”

It was drone strike through which the militant commander was killed the US Africa Command told to the Associated Press. The US Africa command also mentioned that the Al-Shabab is responsible to carry out deadliest attack in Mogadishu, which includes Somali military and African Union checkpoints, hotels and the area around the presidential palace.

The US statement said about the killing of the Ali Muhammad Hussain, “disrupts Al Shabab's ability to plan and conduct attacks in Mogadishu and coordinate efforts between Al Shabab regional commanders”.

Image courtesy The-Star