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Unexpected Exploding: Not Lithium but Mangnesium Batteries are more safer - Movingtrend

Techradar - Monday August 28, 2017

Lithium batteries are very amazing, but with the habit of exploding unexpectedly. Engineers are working across the world to find a safer replacement. Enter Yan Yao for some years are working on Magnesium batteries, which are safer than Lithium batteries.

Lithium batteries have changed the mode of technology. They are used in desktop, laptops, smartphones and smartwatches. But after the decades of its usefulness it cannot be a reliable a safer battery. Now, Lithium battery is expected to replace with Magnesium.

Enter Yan Yao,associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Houston for some years is working on the concept of the safer batteries. The storage capacity of the Magnesium batteries is limited.

Yao said for several years he has been working on to move the Magnesium ions faster. As the concept is that faster moving ions means greater efficiency. He said, "We are combining a nanostructured cathode and a new understanding of the magnesium electrolyte." "That's new."

Magnesium and Lithium both have good and bad. Magnesium is found in abundance on Earth as compared to Lithium. Result is the cheap batteries of magnesium will be available.

Now, the storage capacity of the Magnesium batteries is 400 mAh/g as compared to the Lithium batteries capacity of about 200 mAh/g.

The output volts rate of the Magnesium battery is one volt as compared to the output volts rate of the Lithium battery is three to four volts.

The biggest advantage of the Magnesium batteries over Lithium is that they cannot explode unexpectedly or catch fire. Hyun Deog Yoo, who also worked on the project said, "Inserting various polyatomic ions in higher voltage hosts, we eventually aim to create higher-energy batteries at a lower price, especially for electric vehicles "

In future there is hope about the Magnesium batteries that they will be cheaper, more efficient and safer as compared to the Lithium batteries.


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