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To end Global Modern Slavery: World Business Tycoons and Leaders Committed - Movingtrend

Reuters - Sunday August 27, 2017

Human trafficking, modern slavery and forced labour are the biggest issues of the modern World. Although slavery was abolished by some countries since 150 years ago, but it still existed in its modern forms. Global political leaders and Business tycoons from different 48 countries are committed to end Modern slavery at a gathering in Perth, Austrailia.

The heads of the US retail giant Wal Mart Stores Inc, Japan Mitsui and China JD.com are the business tycoons who participated to tackle this grave issue of the World. This forum also extend the Public-Private partnership to end the crimes of Human Traffficking, Forced labour, and Modern Slavery.

All the participant discussed Modern Slavery issue thoroughly pointed out the ways how to sort out it. Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi said, "It’s about accepting standard for good labour practices throughout the supply chain." To safeguarde the victim of Human Trafficking, forum established a ‘Spatial Mechanism’. Marsudi also said, "I propose that during the next Bali meeting next year, the industries, the private sector, will be able to showcase the best practices that have been taken by industries on initiatives resulted from this forum."

45 millions people throughout the world are victims of Modern Slavery according to the Global Slavery Index. Majority of the slaves were from the Indo-Pacific region, two-thirds. This forum discussed the generic scenario of the Slavery but don't give any solid action plan for implementation.

Andrew Forrest, chairman of Australia’s Fortescue Metals Group and a co-chair of Friday’s forum said, "It is true that business and government, if we come together for the first time, have the power to end it. This has never been done before." Andrew Forrest insisted the Indo-Pacific region to adapt the Modern Slavery Act to grab this issue.

The Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said the Austrailian Government is wanted to announce the legislation about the Modern Slavery Act 'as soon as possible'. The laws of Modern Slavery Act will be motivated by the 'UK’s Modern Slavery Act 2015'.


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