Tester in Agile Team - Let's know what is it ? - Movingtrend

Movingtrend - Friday August 25, 2017

Agile development is team-centric. Developers and Testers work in collaboration. Teamwork is a key to success in agile projects. Tester is the all-rounder player in the agile development process. Tester works at all stages of the project activities and also has a grip over the testing expertise as well.

Role of Tester in Agile Development

1. He should be all rounder, through-out the agile development process.

2. Expertise in the utilization of the testing tools.

Utilization and management of the test data, and test environment.

3. Give guide to other agile team members about the testing scenarios.

4. Testing task must be scheduled for sprint(fast) planning and at the time of the release process.

5. Tester should know the different strategies to implement, to update and to understand test cases.

6. Tester should have good interpersonal skills, to collaborate with the stakeholders, customers and developers. To develop the consistency and completeness in project deliverable.

7. Noting defects in all stages of the project and sort out these defects.

8. Perform testing in all dimensions of the project to ensure the reliability of the project.

9. It is responsibility of the tester to perform right test at right time and at right level as well. It shows the Tester testing skills at depth.