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Success Factors of Agile Testing - Let's know what is it? - Movingtrend

Movingtrend - Wednesday August 30, 2017

Agile Projects delivers quality products after successful agile testing. Agile testing is based on continuous testing, automate testing reduce the time of development. Testers with expertise throughout the development of the project lifecycle the full focus on Quality Product according to the customer requirements.

Success Factors in Agile Testing

1. User Expectations are on the record in Agile project development.

2. Acceptance Testing at the task level according to the user expectations.

3. For Testing activities efforts and estimation

4. Product coding must meet the design of the test.

5. Continuous Testing is the spirit of the Agile development lifecycle.

6. Product metrics to ensure the success of the projects.

Lisa Crispin Seven Key Factors for Successful Agile Testing

Whole Team Approach

Myth of this approach is collaboration. Developers trains testers and testers trains other team members. Collaboration is not only the case of the Team of developers and tester. Customer-Tester collaboration is as important as team work. To get the instant feedback tester should collaborate with the customer as per requirement.

Agile Testing Mindset

Testers are the most active member of the project team, which collaborate with the team members and helped to improve the product quality.

Automate Regression Testing

It is strategy of development with tests. It allows the team to choose the tool of testing.

Provide and Obtain Feedback

Crux of the agile development is the feedback at per iteration/task level. To ask the Custormer is it okay? If yes then continue. Testers are the pure provider of the feedback. Feedback is helpful in test case changes and testing.

Build a foundation of the Core Agile Practice

Testing is run parallel with all the development stages including coding, integration, incremental work environment, changes for Acceptance, and maintainability (lifetime).

Collaborate with Customers

Customer stories are implemented, requirements should be mapped, obtain feedback and acceptance criteria meets.

Look at the Big Picture

Real world tests data. Business-facing tests and its influences in different dimensions.


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