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Smoke billowed in Myanmar villages! Sweeps for Militants - Movingtrend

AFP - Thursday August 31, 2017

Six days ago a surprised raid by the Rohingya militants on police posts. This act of the Rohingya militants’ toll heavily for the civilian Muslims Rohingya minority, at least 110 deaths reported and thousand has left their homes. But still the aggression about the Rohingya militants cannot be ended.

An AFP reporter saw three Myanmar villages are burnt in remote section of the Rakhine where the clearance operation against militants functioning.

Thousands of evacuated people includes the persecuted Rohingya Muslims minority and Rakhine Buddhists all gathered at the 'zero line' border of the Bangladesh. On other side Bangladesh is reluctant to open the doors for the displaced people.

Villagers of the Rakhine are endlessly fleeing from their homes, due to the brutality and violence of the security forces. A hopeless condition has been created for the Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine a state of Myanmar. A Rohingya villager speaking to AFP, " Villagers are running away... where do we have to live now?"

AFP reporter told a large fire was seen on Wednesday 30 August from the May Yu River.


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