Reham Dismissed allegations of Conspiracy against Imran khan - Movingtrend

Dawn - Sunday August 6, 2017

On Sunday the former wife of Imran Khan the Chairman of the PTI, Reham Khan denied any type of contact with Gulalai, and the allegations of harassment imposed by her. She said on her Twitter account: “I’m pure Swati Khan. I am no coward. I don’t conspire and act covertly.” She rejects all the rumors of the conspiracy in collaboration with Gulalai against Imran Khan.

Last week Gulalai announced that she had parted away with the party, due to immoral character of the Imran Khan and his gang. She alleged that the Khan and his gang "would forward inappropriate and explicit text messages to party women". She claimed that she received such type of message first time in 2013.

On other side PTI Chairman Imran Khan completely rejected the allegations which is imposed by the Ayesha Gulalai the former MNA of PTI. Imran Khan also claimed that such allegations are only used as a weapon to malign his character with support of the ruling party PML-N.

Some party members claimed that the Reham Khan the ex-wife of the Imran Khan is be the part of that conspiracy with the Ayesha Gulalai. Reham dismissed such allegations and openly wrote on her Twitter account she does not "use women and anchors to malign [others]" and assured that she don't have any kind of contact with Ayesha Gulalai.

She also held a press conference and said that "defaming someone is not our traditions" and she is not part of any planning and conspiracy.