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Reuters - Sunday August 13, 2017

On Sunday Buddhists protest against aid organisations in Western Myanmar giving support to the Rohingya Muslims militants. A self described leader of the protest, Htay Aung told Reuters by phone. "We will protest again and again until we get our demands. If the government fails to act, that is their responsibility."

The protest of the Rakhine ethnic group and Buddhists monks which is held in 15 towns and the Rakhine State Capital of the Sittwe, demanded that the aid agencies in Western Myanmer should stop giving aid to Rohingya Muslims and leave the western state immediately.

In July seven Buddhist were found to dead in mountain of the north of the state. The government proved that the Muslim 'extremists' were the responsible of the killings of the buddhists. Now, the tensions were escalating in Rakhine.

Ethnic Rakhine Buddhists accused the UN and other International Non-governmental organisations (INGOs) to give aid to the Rohingya Muslims militants. Ethnic Rakhine Buddhists said about INGOs: "We don’t need terrorist supporter group." And demanded that to leave the western state.

About 600 people were participated in that protest which held in Sittwe, the demonstration was peacefully. Police Major Cho Lwin said: Police blocked the roads and stepped up the security which was leading towards the aid agencies. There is rising hostility against the UN aid agencies and INGOs in the state.

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