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Program vs Product - Let's Know what is it ? - Movingtrend

Movingtrend - Tuesday August 29,2017

Program accomplish a clear objective, means collection of instruction to performed a specific task or job Or exhibit a fixed functionality. While on other hand the Product is refined and manufactured form of the set of programs or collection of programs. Products are developed to fulfill the needs of the specific market segment.

Program VS Product

# Program Product
1 Collection of instruction which is related to each other. Collection of the programs which is refined to perform specific task
2 It is for personal use. It is defined by individual. It is designed by the team of engineers. It is for generic use.
3 Small in Size Large in size. Enhancement with the passage of time.
4 One user. Large no. of user.
5 One developer Team of developer.
6 No documentation Documentation required.
7 Adhoc development. Systematic development
8 No need of USER Interface. Well, user friendly environment required.
9 Functionality is limited More functionality.
10 Source code and Object code. Programs, documentation and operating procedure.


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