Pepsi battle of Bands launched on Sunday 30 July - Movingtrend

Sunday 30 july, 2017

This show the Pepsi Battle of Bands has launched and gathered lot of praises, which stars like Fawad Khan, Meesha Shafi and Atif Aslaml on board to judge the competition.
First episode of Pepsi battle of Bands did not include Atif Aslam but in place of him there was guest judge Farooq from Aorah.

About the Female led band Fawad Khan said
He said to the vocalist Mehak, "It's refreshing to see a female lead vocalist after [such a long time]. We used to have a band called The Milestones who had Candy as the lead vocalist... that trend is kinda gone. I feel there is a lot of power when you [sing]... you were just nailing it."
Positive's band did a cover of 'Kalab' by Allan Fakir, and it is the combination of pop and rock. Then Pindi boys have their oddity, like funny lyrics and performance, but musically they were perfect.
Then Kashmir band performed the EP 'Hamesha'. Fawad Khan laughed and said:
Whoever covered our song has always done a better job than us," laughed Fawad. "So you guys have nothing to worry about."
OB Positive performed a cover of 'Aitebaar' by Vital Signs and their unplugged take was simple, raw and full of emotion. Farooq said about the performance of OB Positive "less is more"