Pay issue resolved between Austrailian Cricket and Players union - Movingtrend

Sydney - Thursday August 3, 2017

The issue between Austrailian Cricket and Players union had resolved finally after the months-long dispute. The relationship between players and governing body had seen many up and down and finally players union walk away the winners. Austrailian Cricket said that they will never involve in such type of pay row affair in future.

Australian Cricketers’ Association president Greg Dyer pointing the brave attitude of the players who brought their issue to public domain openly and demand the settlement of the pay issues. He said:
“We congratulate the players who have bravely made the case in the public domain. It will be important that they are respected for having the courage of their convictions”.

In another statement he said:
“Yes, we’ve arrived at a great place but the game must never again take this same route. The players did not choose this route and did not enjoy being on it”. He added that, “In fact, the players resented it deeply. This was not a fight the players started. The players defended themselves as is fair and as is their right”.

This dispute was erupted between governing body and players due to the cut of salaries in revenue-sharing deal. But finally 'players union have had a huge win'.

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