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Online Bakra Qurbani is availabe but not Popular - Movingtrend

APP - Tuesday August 22, 2017

Eid ul Azha is coming next month and Karachi is appeared to fill with Online Bakra mandis (Cattle markets) billboards, but the websites owners said they don't get the attention of many customers. Mostly people personally visit the Bakra Mandis, liked and buy the animal of their choice.

Yet people don't prefer to buy the sacrificial animals online. Websites such as bakraonline.pk and qurbanionline.com are available to buy the Qurbani animals online.

Sacrificial goats, cows and camels are available in Online Bakra mandis (Cattle markets). Sacrificial goats are sold in the range of Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 45,000. Sacrificial cows rate starts from Rs. 80,000, and sacrificial camels range from Rs 125,000 to Rs 175,000.

A spokesperson for bakraonline.com told APP“People do not like to purchase sacrificial animals online, as some traders have previously used cheap tactics to sell animals." Online Cattle Market concepts is still new for the customers and it will take time to attract the majority of the customers for this digital feature availability about the Qurbani animals.

The owner of the Qurbanionline.com , Muhammad Ali said, more than 40, 000 animals had sold last year. He also said that overseas Pakistani used this online services for the Aqeeqa, qurbani and sadqaa, and send the meat to the poor communities and orphanages.

Online Qurbani trend will become popular in coming years, and people will get benefit from this feature of the e-animal trading. A buyer told to APP, "The trend of online buying of sacrificial animals will grow; [even its existence] is a reminder of how fast Pakistan is moving towards a digital future."


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