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Nothing is OKAY between US and Pakistan: Taliban's presence in Quetta and Peshawar, says Gen John Nicholson - Movingtrend

Dawn - Monday August 28, 2017

The top United States Commander in Afghanistan Gen. John Nicholson said that the United States is alert about the presence of the Taliban Leadership's in Quetta and Peshawar. He also said military would consistently upset the Taliban's shelter inside and outside of Afghanistan.

In an interview with Tolo NEWS Gen. John Nicholson discussed the United States long awaited foreign policy for Afghanistan war. Trump in his recent address to the nation announced the more deployment in Afghanistan, and offered the Indian to play a role in Afghan war, and severally criticized Pakistan for giving the Safe Havens to the 'agents of Chaos,'

Gen. John Nicholson said in an interview, " The Quetta shura, Peshawar shura — these shuras are identified by cities inside Pakistan; we know Afghan Taliban leaders are in these areas." He added, "Support for terrorists and insurgents has to be reduced — [it] has to be stopped." US top Commander also said the matters of the Talibans Havens was addressed 'in private' between the government of Pakistan and United States.

He said, " It is our mandate to put military pressure on the Taliban." The US new policy for Afghan war is not time-based but it is the completion of the definite conditions. "Taliban need to know they cannot win militarily."

Strategy to involve Taliban in Peace talk, is to gain the more territorial control and continue to upset the safe havens of the Taliban and then forced them into peace process.

Trump accused Pakistan over dubious performance in Afghan war, and the secretary state of the United States also warned Pakistan that the Pakistan has lost the status of the Privilege military ally of the United States.

Separate meeting was held between US ambassador David Hale with Foreign Minister and Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa for the briefing about New US Foreign Policy.

The Chief of Army Staff said to Hale that don't questioned our loyalities war against terrorism, " We are not looking for any material or financial assistance from the US, but trust, understanding and [an] acknowledgement of our contributions." Foreign Office had also rejected the allegations made against Pakistan by US President.


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