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Motorola fixes Screen cracks with Heat Like X-Men's Wolverine Healing Power - Movingtrend

. Techradar - Thursday August 17, 2017

One unfortunate drop could shatter unexpectedly your mobile's display despite the all screen protectors. Then there is no choice but to change the screen of your Mobile phone. But Motorola mobile company is working on to regenerate the cracked screen like
the X-Men's Wolverine using heat.

Motorola is introducing the technology for the fixation of the mobile display cracks using heat. Moto z line has published a patent last week to fix the damaged screen using the technology of the 'shape memory polymers' the shattered screen reshaped using different thermal elements hair dryer, body heat and sun heat.

This technology will just heal the smaller cracks and scratches of the screen. This healing process of the Mobile phones look like a magic bullet if it can heal out entire pieces of your screen. It is just the Motorola's proof-of-concept. It will take a long time when we will see this self-healing technology in action.

Read the Patent of the Motorola at United States Patent and Trademark office


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