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LinkedIn will continue fight against the HiQ Labs - Movingtrend

BBC - Tuesday August 15, 2017

A judge in San Francisco has passed a verdict that it can little to do to stop third party companies to monitor LinkedIn huge store of data. The court also regulate that LinkedIn can remove any technical limitations to prevent the 'scrapping' of the LinkedIn members data.

The spokesperson from LinkedIn said: "We’re disappointed in the court’s ruling." "This case is not over. We will continue to fight to protect our members' ability to control the information they make available on LinkedIn."

In May LinkedIn sent HiQ Lab a letter and demanding that to stop using the LinkedIn's public profiles for data. According to HiQ Website's that activity performed every two weeks. In response to this HiQ Labs describes as, "a crystal ball that helps you determine skills gaps or turnover risks months ahead of time, and a platform that shows you how and where to focus your efforts."

HiQ Labs clearly explained that it does not monitor every LinkedIn user profile but only those who working for companies that busy with HiQ Labs services. LinkedIn said the HiQ Labs using the data of the staff, when it might leave which is the breach of sit's terms services and also the breach of US Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA). LinkedIn said: "This is not acceptable."

HiQ Labs dismissed the LinkedIn claims of abuse and said profile information is public and anyone can view it it can't be walled off. HiQ Labs said, "LinkedIn doesn’t own the data contained in member profiles. It is information the members themselves have decided to display publicly, and it is available to anyone with access to a web browser."

Judge Edward Chen agreed with HiQ that LinkedIn could hinder competition by blocking the data, and make their users profiles private. But when you are searching for a job, you want people to be able to find you. And users data which is publicly available should not be used in other ways as HiQ Labs using publicly available information of the LinkedIn users.

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