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Leaks: Google Pixels 2 with latest Snapdragon 836 System - Movingtrend

Techradar - Friday August 25, 2017

The latest leaks by the trusted leaker Evan Blass is about the Google Pixels 2, second generation Pixels handset which is launched on October 5, 2017. Google Pixels 2 is powered by the latest Snapdragon 836 system on Chip (SoC).

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is featured the Snapdragon 835 system. It gives edge to the Google Pixels 2 as compared to Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Earlier gossips about the Google Pixels 2 include that the Google will completely drop the headphone jack and give support to the Bluetooth connectivity and USB Type-C port for audio devices.

Google Pixels 2 will probably not look like the company's flagship mobiles. These are all gossips about the Google Pixels 2, much more reveals in coming days.


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