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Protest in Kashmir, Wednesday August 1, 2017

In Indian-held Kashmir, a boy was died a day after wounded by Indian security forces. The civilians shutdown the city to protest against the brutality of the forces on Wednesday, August 1, 2017. The unrest is erupted in occupied Kashmir after the killing of the two suspected militants by Indian Security forces.

Recently a 17 years old boy was shot by the Security Forces, was died on Wednesday. Thousands of the civilians has participated in the boy funeral, which was held in Hall Village. Clashes erupted between the villagers and the government forces. Civilians threw rocks on security forces and they fired shotgun pellets and tear gas in return.
Authorities fixed curfew in the old part of the Srinagar to stop the protest of the civilians, and also blocked the internet services to stop the freedom fighters from using social media.
Anti-Indian protest continuously happened since last years after the killing of the young Separatist-Leader Burhan Wani. Intermittent unrest in Indian-Held Kashmir erupted since last year and cannot be stopped, even after the Indian army chief warning of “tough action” should be taken against the protesters.

Image courtesy AFP