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techradar. - Monday August 14, 2017

Hyperloop: the fifth mode of transportation after cars, boats, trains and planes. Now the Hyperloop would make human transportation at more than 760 miles per hour. The Hyperloop technology would manage to transport us in vessels using depressurized tubes.

Elon Musk is admitted that the idea is no new one; it was published in 1972 in the Rand Corporation paper. Even transportation of the passengers using pressure in tubes had been floated in 1812. But now it is 'electromagnetically levitated and propelled cars in an evacuated tunnel'.

The maglev or magnetic levitation is technique which uses magnets to float the pods and pushed them through the tubes. This pushing of the pods create some dangerous issues which are as under :

1. Heat Issue
As everyone knows that the new technology should be faster than old one. When the pods are pushed enough to compete with other high-speed transport mode, the air friction increased and damage the pods and its passengers inside.

Solution to this Problem of Air Friction: To make the tunnel a vacuum. But the tunnel which spreads hundreds of miles, only one disrupt could fail the complete system. Solution to this is to reduce pressure and don’t make the tunnel an actual vacuum.

2. Pressure Issue
The faster the pods move, the greater the pressure found ahead of pods.
Solution to this pressure issue is that to have a fan that pushes the air beneath and behind the vessel.

Turning corner creates massive G-forces, when a transport is moving with the speed of 1,000 miles per hour, but for this tunnel should be straight for most of their length.

Now Hyperloop transport is plan to run in underground tunnels, which is dug by the Boring Company. The Boring Company had received “verbal government approval” to dig a Hyperloop tunnel between New York and Washington DC.

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