'Home Coming' Rally After the Disqualification of the Nawaz Sharif, Day 4rth - Movingtrend

Dawn - Saturday August 12, 2017

It is the fourth day of the 'homecoming' rally, that is set off from Islamabad on August 9. It is the rally which is planned to unveil the 'conspiracy' through which the Prime Minister is disqualified. Ex-PM is delivered blazing speeches against the Supreme Court decision in Gujranwala. He also said, "Some people did not like Pakistan’s progress [so they] ousted your elected prime minister on frivolous charges."

Nawaz Sharif 'Homecoming' rally is left for Lahore where he will deliver his addresses in Shadhara chowk and the final address at the Data Darbar, it is the place where will be the rally ended.

During his stay in Gujranwala he spoke about the conspiracy which is done against him and said people did not like the progress of the Pakistan and ousted your elected premier on corruption charges of so called Panama Leaks.

Gujranwala people gave warm welcome to Ex-Premier and a huge crowd gathered to look him and to listen his words. He showed the tantrum about the Supreme Court judges and said:
conspirators desecrating the sanctity of votes cast by 200 million Pakistanis.”

Ex-Premier Nawaz Sharif also asked the crowd that did they support the decision of the Supreme Court of disqualification? The excited crowd answered warmly with a big, "No". At the end of the speech in Gujranwala Nawaz said he will forever remember the love and support of the Gujranwala crowd.

Sharif's homecoming rally is spoiled by the death of the nine years old kid near Lalamusa. No one in convoy of that rally gave attention to this accident and move forward. Child was taken to near Local hospital but he was decided dead. (Bloody homecoming rally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Image Courtesy Dawn.