Flood Disastor in Sierra Leone Death Toll Raises- Movingtrend

AFP - Sunday August 20, 2017

Four hundred and forty-one corpses (were) buried as at yesterday,” the deputy minister of information and communication, Cornelius Deveaux, told AFP. Deputy minister also said that the number of the missing was "still being calculated."

Death toll raised day after day according to Red Cross the death toll raised at more than 400, and 600 people were listed as missing.

Morgue worker Mohamed Sinneh Kamara at Connaught Hospital gave higher toll than ministers. He told AFP, " We buried 50 more bodies on Friday. We have so far buried 450 corpses.” “Most of the bodies were found decomposed and families were not allowed to identify (them)."

He also added that "We're receiving calls from disaster-hit communities every three to four hours about a corpse found in a drainage or under a collapsed building."

Freetown the Capital of the Sierra Leone the World's poorest countries home of 1.2 million people had struck a flood due to the three days torrential rain.

122 children killed in this flood and 123 has orphaned according to the Charity save the Children.

Sierra Leone was the former Britain colonial power has guaranteed $6.45 million, and china has allotted $1 million.