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Benazir Bhutto murder case: Anti-terrorism-court reserve Judgment - Movingtrend

Dawn - Thursday August 31, 2017

Anti-Terrorism-Court reserves the judgment about the former PPP Chairperson Benazir Bhutto murder case on Wednesday. It is supposed that verdict will be revealed this week at Rawalpindi's Adiala jail. The judge Muhammad Asghar Ali Khan said that he would require two days for the analysis and compilation of all records.

Former president retired Gen Pervaiz Musharraf could not present before the court due the 'most wanted' case as he was under the warning of the Al-Qaeda, Chaudhry Azhar, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) prosecutor said.

Aitzaz Shah who is allege for the helping and providing finance for the attack. Naseer Tanoli lawyer of the Aitzaz Shah said to the court that investigation of the case is full of flaws and defects referring to the arrests of the suspects. But FIA prosecutor defends the investigation reports and said if there are doubts about the arrests date of the suspects then fault lies with the police, not to the investigation team.

A person named Ismail who was operator in the Challan at the time of the killing had escaped. FIA prosecutor said, " The attack was carried out from outside the car [that Bhutto was riding in]. Why would we investigate those who were inside the car?"

The police told to the Anti-Terrorism court that the Ismail recorded a phone call Bitullah Mehsood who was killed in US drone attack in 2009 , he was stated as 'most wanted' in murder case. Bitullah Mehsood was the Chief of the Former Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan.

The police staged three Challan and FIA staged five Challan before the court. During the case proceeding 68 witnesses appeared and recorded their statements.

The FIA prosecutor was killed by an unknown attackers in 2013. Police Chief of Rawalpindi Saud Aziz and former Superintendent of Police at Rawal Town, Khurrum Shahzad, were issued a bail in 2011. The both were allege for the weak security arrangements, which led the killing of the Benazir Bhutto on 27 December, 2007.


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