Apple Watch 3 with LTE Technology Expected to sale near the end of 2017 - Movingtrend

Techradar - Wednesday August 16, 2017

Ming-Chi Kuo an analyst of KGI securities is very much sure about the launch of the Apple watch 3 in two new versions before the end of the year 2017. He said the wearable will be available to the customers in two versions one with LTE (a standard for high-speed wireless communication for mobile phones and data terminals) technology and second without the LTE.

An expert analyst who is most of the time right about the Apple rumours said, Apple will launch two version of the Apple Watch 3 with LTE technolgy. One is completely carry the LTE technology and work without any iPhone. The second version of the Apple Watch 3 will not have the independent feature of LTE technology and paired with an iPhone to work.

The analyst claims that the watches will not support 3G connectivity instead it support the 4G LTE technology, faster speed of the network is required to benefit from watches. The watches expect to launch in 38mm and 42mm in design.

The Apple Watch 3 with LTE technology come with a food nutrition tracking feature, and will likely bring improved features like respiratory rate, sleep, and heart rate analysis to the Apple Watch 3. These features may be accessed from Apple HealthKit app.

image Courtesy Appleworld