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Software Engineering - Thursday August 17, 2017

What is Agile?

In Agile team the testing and development are simultaneous (both activities are consistent and agreeing). Testing is not the separate phase in Agile Development Methodology. But the coding and testing are the incremental and interactive phases of the agile development. Such direct communication between Testing and Coding phases results in Quality-end-Product and early defect removal plus with the edge of integration which reduces time, effort and cost.

Agile Testing

Agile testing is not the separate phase in Software Development Life Cycle. Testing phase is a associated or linked with all Development phases such as Requirements, Design, Coding, and test case generation phases.

There is no testing phase as schedule in Waterfall Life Cycle Development in Agile Development. Testers work throughout the development process with the member of the project team. Agile testing perform all types of the testing and all levels of testing.

Agile Testing Principle

1. Continuous Testing ensures continuous progress. Testing provides feedback about the product that it meets the business demands.

2. Agile is the iterative development methodology and after each iteration testing is performed to check the quality-end-product.

3. Analysts, developers, and testers test the application. After each test the customer perform the ACCEPTANCE TEST.

4. After each iteration business team know about the feedback. So, the feedback response time shorten and cost involving in fixing is less.

5. Step by step testing keep your code clean and error free.

6. Short documentation, increase reusability,


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