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Software Engineering - Sunday August 20, 2017

Agile is Iterative Development Methodology. Agile is the name of collaboration between customer and entire project team. Agile is a method of continuous integration and result is quality end product.

Methodologies that support Agile Development


It is team centric-approach. Entire team will participate in all the project development activities. Scrum is team centric-oriented approach to solve the user problems.


XP stands for eXtreme Programming. It is customer-centric. This methodology receives the frequent customer feedback and delivered the end-product according to the customer changing requirement.


It is like crystal. ahhhh its a joke. It is chartening, cyclic-delivery and wrap up. It means it completes with three stages.
Form a team, do a feasibility analysis, initial plan and development methodologies.
Cyclic Delivery
Cycle is like the iteration process. Two or more cycle deliveries and finally then integrated product delivery.
Wrap Up
Wrap up means the deployment or installation in user environment.


It stands for Feature Driven Development. It is all about designing and building of the features. Different from other methodologies on the bases of feature development that it developed features in specific phases.


It stands for Dynamic Software Development Method. Dynamic meant something changing not constant. This method is based on RAD. RAD stand for Rapid Application Development. This methodology involves all phases of the development on quick delivery, quick decision, quick delivery of product, quick involvement of the user.

Lean Software Development

This methodology works on eliminating irrelevant work and giving value to customer requirement. Elimination of defects, irrelevant features, incomplete tasks etc.


Its focus area is JUST-IN-TIME (JIT). All the tasks which are the short activities of the user requirements are available to entire project team. It does not overload the team members, but equally distribute the work in queue form. Kanban is based on Kanban board, WIP (Work in Progress), Lead time.