Model 3 Vehicle: Tesla car maker has rolled out Company's Cheapest car – Movingtrend

New Model 3 Vehicle: Tesla an Electric car maker company has rolled-out the company' s cheapest car. Model 3 Vehicle prices starts at $35,000, which is the cheapest price for company vehicle.

The CEO of the Tesla company Elon Musk said about the Model 3 car:
best car for its cost, either electric or gasoline".

Price of the Model 3 car is cheaper than the company's past models "S" and "X", prices had started from $80,000. This price was out of reach for many customers.
The price of the Model 3 car is still higher than its rivals electric car maker companies Nissan Leaf and hybrid Chevrolet Volt, which goes $30,680 and $34,095 respectively.
Mr. Elon Musk said about the automation of the vehicles:
"For the future, the future being now, the cars will be increasingly autonomous," Mr Musk said. "You will be able to watch a movie, talk to friends, go to sleep..."

About Vehicle:
The Electric battery of the Model 3 car will run 354km before needing a recharge.
It is a significant step by the Tesla company to delivered a such affordable Model 3 car.
A week before UK government to tackle the air pollution announced that an end to sales of new petrol and diesel cars till 2040. And such cheap electric cars by the companies are helpful for the controlling of the air pollution, which is going to be harmful for Earth living beings.

Image Courtesy Reuters