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Rime is a single player puzzle-adventure game. An Island of wonder, beautiful artwork, gorgeous scenery and blend of amazing sun rise and sun set scenes. Rime a game is given you the amazing experience of coastline life. Most fabulous experience is to pop bubble for oxygen while swimming. It looks very real and pure fun.

Game is started with stormy sea and shipwreck, and young boy woke up on mysterious island. It is the start of the young boy epic journey at unknown island.


Developer: Tequila Works
Genre: Adventure-Puzzle video game
Publisher: Grey Box / Six Foot
Platform: Windows PC , PlayStation 4, Xbox One (Nintendo Switch "later this year")
Release Date: May 26, 2017
Price: $29.99 / £24.99/ 3144.0 Rs.
Links: Official Website

Game Rating:

PEGI: 7/10
GameSpot: 6/10
IGN: 6.5/10
Rime shows you lot of affiliation to the natural environment, beautiful landscape, old civilization, beach, a very real swimming experience with a cute mysterious character of the fox which appear and disappear, and leading you towards the monument and PUZZLES.
Rime is much like the game of the Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, The Witness and Journey. Rime gives you diverse encounter with environment, at one stage you are in beautiful lush green forest and at next stage the scorching desert is awaiting for you.
The Game Puzzle are very Shallow and simple, and sometime frustrating. As you jump, swim and climb you will complete the elementary tasks for example collecting keys etc. even when you tired of from the puzzles, the artwork of the island never let you tired. It gives you the sense of calm and relaxation.
Rime’s mysteries, graphics and design beauty gives you a relief in aesthetic sense. There are very familiar elements in this game which are already included in other games. Ending is not satisfying, because it lacks a comprehensive story element. Reward are granting when you poking on secret path. It’s very interesting feature.

images courtesy Tequilaworks