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PM must step down within seven days, demand by Lawyers - Movingtrend

Supreme Court Bar Association and Lahore High Court Bar Association lawyers demanded the resignation of the PM Nawaz Sharif. Supreme Court’s ruling on the Panama Case has cleared that the PM has no right to rule the country and should resign from the position.

At the event of Lawyers representative convention on Saturday, Lawyers supporting ruling party and the both bars association lawyer’s members clashed.

As a clashed result, pro-PML(N) lawyers took the president of the Supreme Court Bar Associations and locked in the library premises, and Rizvi was freed when the locked were broken by the bar associations members.

Both bar association’s president asserted that the Convention would be held at any cost. Earlier in April, Lahore High Court Bar Association has demanded the resignation from the PM.

And now again, the bar association demanded the resignation from PM due to alleged corruption charges. And threaten the PM for the countrywide lawyer’s movement if he will not step down within the 7 day deadline. Now, that threat is given to PM after the JIT is instituted to investigate the prime minister and his son alleged corruption.

In 2007 lawyers’ movement was began against the ex-president Pervaiz Musharraf, when he ousted the then Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry. That lawyer’s movement proved very beneficial to the reinstatement of the deposed judiciary. Now this time that legal fraternity posed threat to remove the PM, at the verdict of the Panama case.


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