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Last Night of, Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto - Movingtrend

“According to the March 18, 1978 order of the Lahore High Court, you, Mr Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, are to be hanged for the murder of Nawab Mohammad Ahmad Khan”. “Your appeal in the Supreme Court was rejected on February 6, 1979 and the review petition was turned down on March 24, 1979. The president of Pakistan has decided not to interfere in this matter. So it has been decided to hang you.”

After listening the order Bhutto was angrily replied that he should have been informed 24 hours before execution, but that had not been done.

A man who had given the constitution to Pakistan was unable to write anything. Bhutto was given paper to write his will. But Bhutto could not write his will, he said his thoughts are so disturbed that he could not write anything. And he burnt all the paper he had given to write his last will.

Tara Masih was the executioner who performed his task hanging of Bhutto. Bhutto was executed when the clock struck four minutes past two of the morning (02:04 am), executioner whispered in the ear of the Bhutto something and press the Lever. Bhutto’s body was lifted in air, for half an hour. Then doctor performed his job and checked the body and pronounced him dead.

And, the first democratically elected Prime Minister of Pakistan was hanged. That event again proved the authority of ruthless military decision.


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