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ICJ Issued stay execution order for the Kulbushan Jadhav, an Indian Spy - Movingtrend

18 May, 2017 280 0 00min:00sec(s) read
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Excitement before ICJ jurisdiction, Pain after ICJ jurisdiction.

Jurisdiction orders by the International Court of Justice to stay execution of the Kulbushan Jadhav, it created chaos and pain in Pakistan regarding the decision. Because there was an assured environment that the ICJ will not overturn the Execution order of the Indian Spy.
Now, some are calling that it is the mistake by the Pakistan to go to ICJ, because “ICJ does not have a Jurisdiction”. Jadhav will not be executed in future, till the stay execution order is in ICJ.

Some are blaming that the Lawyer from Pakistan was ill-prepared and not consumed the full time which was given to Khawar Qureshi.

Article 5 B of the Vienna Convention
That article is about the spy, it is written in it that if the civilian is caught he is subject to human rights law. But if it is a spy, then human rights are forfeited.

Some taking that decision in a sense of moral responsibility ICJ verdict to overturn the implementation of the jurisdiction is a moral responsibility being an International Court of Justice; it is challenged to the Pakistan’s own jurisdiction.

Question about the inexperience of the Lawyers
Some are telling that the lawyers who are handling the matters of that case are inexperienced and never showed the case with well weighted argument, so that’s why the jurisdiction is against the Pakistan.

Some are admitting that Consular is the main issue
They are supporting their argument by saying that it is normal for ICJ to have a jurisdiction. It is ICJ decision, but it is not final. Consular should interact with the citizen of Pakistan and convince them about that jurisdiction, that it is not final at all.


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