Dangal: an Illustration of Women Empowerment - Movingtrend

Dangal an Indian movie which is about the true story of the female Wrestler, who belong to Haryana, a State shows lot of issues particularly about gender disparity and child marriage. Her family suffers lot of adversity to his dream of wrestling.

Geeta Phogat was the name of one of his daughter, who win India’s ever gold medal in wrestling at the Commonwealth Games 2010. She became the first Indian female who qualifies for the Olympics Games.

It is a movie which illustrated the empowerment of women. Mohair Singh Phogat, a wrestler who wanted a son. Being a Coach he wanted to train his son as a wrestler and made his dream fulfilled. But that dream fulfilled by his daughter named Geeta.

He trained her daughter instead lot of adversities by the people. But he pursued his dream and coached her daughter till she won the Gold Medal. He gave her moral and social support being a father as well.

Dangal is an illustration for the girls that they can do anything. It is decent sport movie, which is becoming very famous in China as well. It has done the business more than 487m Yuan.

Shuai Jiao Baba, which translates as Let’s Wrestle, Dad. #LetsWrestleDad has been trending on Weibo.

There is criticize about the story of the movie; some called that father don’t give their daughters a choice to become a wrestler or a child bride. It was the wish of the father that the daughters became the wrestler not her own choice.

Chinese also liked Amir Khan’s movie 3 idiots, which was released in 2009. And now Dangal is becoming popular, it shows the china’s growing fascination with Bollywood.