Colorful toys to teach blind kids, Microsoft Designed - Movingtrend

Project Torino, Microsoft has developed for kids it is a system consisting of programming language and large colorful toys called pods. These pods can be used to make sounds, stories, poems, and songs to teach the concepts of coding to children with visual impairment.

This idea will help the children of age 7 to 11 years. That project will deliver computational thinking into the brain of children, and enable teachers to guide the children in that direction.

Children playing with pods, use an accompanying app to transfer the coding they have created with the physical system into text-based code.

Nicolas Villar, a senior researcher’s in Microsoft’s Cambridge research lab:
“The team originally made the pods all white, until the kids with limited vision told them that more colors would help them. And although in electronics there’s often a push to make things as small as possible, with this project they found the kids were more engaged when the pods were larger, in part because two kids working together would often both physically hold the pod and touch hands as part of that teamwork.”

285 million people are blind worldwide. Microsoft is working with the Royal National Institute for the blind in the UK.